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NOSEN Advantages 1 Only produce screw jack bevel gearbox power transsmission products In China Only one 2 The most reliable the lowest cost and the most complete lifting solutions Supply a complete set screw jack system clients don t need to find other accessories 3 The best pre sale service NOSEN engineers help clients consider all the safety factors select correct models step by step with clients engineers Autocad PDF drawing and layout for clients engineers reference 4 The best after sale service Expert sales teams familiar with I E regulation ensure goods shipment smoothly We follow up the exported goods from time to time and make a report for monthly meeting 5 During warranty period...

Categories and Products

Screw Jacks

Mechanical Screw Jacks

0.5Ton Worm gear machine screw jack for lifting worm gear machine screw jack with tube 2 Ton Lifting worm gear machine screw jacks 3Ton Worm gear mechanical screw jacks 5 ton worm screw jacks for table lifting 10 Ton Worm gear machine screw jack lift 15 Ton electric worm gear machine screw jack 20 Ton cast iron worm machine screw jack 30 Ton motorized worm gear machine screw jacks 40 Ton Electric worm gear machine screw jacks 50 Ton Worm gear screw jacks platform lift 100T worm gear screw jacks for Sluice Gate Electric screw jack for workshop lifting and loading screw jack for machine positioning and level adjusting Worm screw jack elevator with electric motor Customized acme screw jacks with hand wheel high quality screw jack with bronze traveling nut Industry manual operated lifting screw jack Small motorized lifting mechanisms screw jack with tube Hand wheel manual screw jacks for sale 

Heavy Duty Screw Jacks

1KN Heavy duty worm gear machine screw jacks 5KN mechanical heavy duty lifting screw jacks 10KN Small heavy duty machine screw jack 20KN electric heavy duty worm gear screw jacks Manual heavy duty worm gear screw jacks 50KN 80KN Heavy duty worm gear mechanical screw jacks 150KN Heavy duty machine worm​ screw jack 200KN Heavy duty screw jacks with bronze nut 250KN Heavy duty industry screw jacks with tube 350KN Heavy duty screw jacks for lifting platform 500KN Heavy duty screw jacks for lifting table manual lifting jacks machine lead screw lift Cubic screw jack manual lifting jacks with handle Electric trapezoidal screw jack with load 20T Big Load Space Saving Cubic House Designed Screw Jack Big Load Taiwan Ball Screw Jack for Frequent Working Fast Delivery to Thailand Vietnam Lifting Applications Screw Jack for Retailer big load screw jack with nut for table small jack hoist lift for leveling and lifting screw jack actuator lift with motor 

Bevel Gear Screw Jacks

15KN Motorized Bevel Gear Machine Screw Jacks 25KN High Speed Bevel Gear Machine Screw Jacks 50KN Bevel Gear Machine Screw Jacks Nut Type 90KN Manual Bevel Gear Machine Screw Jacks High Speed Bevel Gear Machine Screw Jack Big Load Fast Speed Screw Jack 5 Ton Mechanical screw jack lifting system high quality screw jack table lift high speed 3000mm Machine screw jack lift for leveling Fast Speed Right Angle Power Input Bevel Gear Screw Jack bevel gear lifting jack compact high lift screw jack Homelift Fast Lifting Traveling Nut Screw Jack High Precision Fast Lifting CNC Machine Screw Jack High Precision Fast Lifting Screw Jack 

Worm Gear Ball Screw Jacks

0.5 Ton Machine Worm Gear Ball Screw Jacks High accuracy 2 Ton Ball Screw Jacks 3 Ton Worm Gear Ball Screw Jacks Nut 5 Ton Electric Worm Gear Ball Screw Jacks 10 Ton Lifting Worm Gear Ball Screw Jacks 20 Ton Manual Ball Screw Jacks with handle Intense Working Time Durable Ball Screw Jack for Industrial Project manually hand crank screw jack with hand wheel motorized jack screw worm gear lift machine ball screw jack Lead Screw Worm Gear High precision screw jacks electric ball screw actuator with high precision high accuracy 2 ton left hand ball screw jack ball screw lift machine jacks Cheap Small Load Lifting Light Duty Screw Jack 1 Ton Adjustable Telescoping Screw Jack for Lifting 

Heavy Duty Ball Screw Jacks

300KG High Precision Ball Screw Jacks 500KG Small Electric High Precision Ball Screw Jacks 1000KG Manual Cubic High Precision Ball Screw Jacks 2000KG Cast Iron High Precision Ball Screw Jacks 5000KG Lifting High Precision Ball Screw Jack 8000KG High Precision Ball Screw Jacks for positioning 150KN Mini High Precision Ball Screw Jacks Lift Motor Drive Nut Traveling Pair Lifting Screw Jack for Heavy Duty Drill Driven 3 Tons Autolift Screw Jack for Car Repair micro ball screw jack cubic right angle screw jack 

Bevel Gear Ball Screw Jacks

2.5KN Bevel Gear Ball Screw Jacks for Lifting 6.5KN Bevel Gear Ball Screw Jacks with nut 8.6KN Fast Speed Bevel Gear Ball Screw Jacks 15KN High Precision Bevel Gear Ball Screw Jacks 

Bevel Gearbox

Spiral Bevel Gearbox

Industrial Right Angle 919N.m Spiral Bevel Gearbox Cubic 5HP Motor 43N.m Spiral Bevel Gearbox Small Type Slow 13N.m Spiral Bevel Gearbox Hydraulic Motor High Torque 132N.m Spiral Bevel Gearbox Manual Valve Use 361N.m Spiral Bevel Gearbox Agricultural Use Powerful 1940N.m Spiral Bevel Gearbox Home Use DIY Assembly 561N.m Spiral Bevel Gearbox Engineering Big Transmission 3205N.m Spiral Bevel Gearbox Big Size High Capacity 5713N.m Spiral Bevel Gearbox Wind Power Transmission Speed Reduction Bevel Gearbox Mini Right Angle Gearbox Speed Reducer Mini Power Transmission Speed Reduce Spiral Gearbox Power Distribute Right Angle Jack System Bevel Gearbox Natural Power Source Drive Torque Increase Bevel Gearbox Torque Adjusting T Type Right Angle Bevel Gearbox Power Transmitting Right Angle Bevel Gearbox Reducer Power Transmission Bevel Gearbox Reducer Agricultural Gearbox With Bevel Gear for Grass Cutter 90 Degree Power Direction Change Bevel Gear Reducer Big Load High Speed Foot Mounted Gearbox 

Cube Spiral Bevel Gearbox

Small Size Manual 18.62N.m Cubic Bevel Gearbox Speed Reducing or Increasing 53N.m Cubic Bevel Gearbox Two Outputs Big Torque 137.51N.m Cubic Bevel Gearbox Servo Motor Transmission 1/1 398.21N.m Cubic Bevel Gearbox Big Size Industrial 1833.47N.m Cubic Bevel Gearbox Industrial Motor Speed Adjust 787.82N.m Cubic Bevel Gearbox Three Shafts Bronze Gear Bevel Gearbox Top Side Entry Speed Power Transmission Bevel Gearbox Customize Transmission Way Small Size Spiral Gearbox High Torque Effectient Bevel Gearbox for Conveying Equipment Mini T Type Power Gearbox for Workshop Torque Increase Speed Reduce Normal Bevel Gearbox One Input Multiple Output Cubic House Gear Reducer Power Angle Changing Easy Mounting Bevel Gear Reducer Automatic High Efficient Small Type Bevel Gearbox 90 Degree Right Angle Engine Gear Reducer Design Big Torque Gearbox Reducer with ratio Torque Transmit Speed Adjusting Three Shafts Gearbox USA Export Industrial Speed Reducer Gearbox with Bevel Gear Engineering System Power Distribute Bevel Gearbox 

Spiral Bevel Gearbox T Type

Aluminum House T Type Torque Increase Gearbox Small Aluminum House Gear Reducer with Steel Shaft Mini custom-made bevel gearbox with 3 shafts Light weight bevel gearbox reducer with big torque 3 shafts gearbox reducer with small torque 

Liquid Mixers

Light Duty Liquid Mixers

1000L Stainless Steel Shampoo Industrial Liquid Mixer multi-function electric chemical liquid agitator Electric liquid mixer for water treatment 750W high quality milk liquid mixer 1500W high quality milk liquid agitator 2200W liquid mixer for making cosmetic 3700W high torque chemical liquid agitator 500L hot sale cosmetic liquid mixer 800L specialized liquid mixer for detergent 1200L hot sale liquid soap agitator 1500L wonderful quality cosmetic liquid agitator 300L milk liquid agitator for factory 1100L stainless steel liquid mixer for drinks electric adjustable speed liquid mixer for Sunscreen Low Speed Sea Food Tank Agitator with Propeller Low Price Gear Motor Stable Industrial Mixer for Small Tank Big Power Industrial Liquid Treatment Durable Stainless Steel Mixer industrial liquid mixer stainless steel mixing tank with agitator 

Heavy Duty Liquid Mixers

400W planetary shampoo liquid mixer 0.75KW high torque oil liquid mixer 1.5KW stainless steel shampoo liquid agitator 2.2KW high torque industrial liquid mixer 3.7KW high quality bath liquid agitator 5.5KW high torque liquid mixer for paint 7.5KW stainless steel water treatment liquid agitator 600L wonderful quality liquid soap mixer 400L professional liquid mixer for shampoo 200L professional liquid agitator for shampoo 900L specialized liquid agitator for detergent 700L high heat resistance oil liquid agitator 1300L edible grade liquid mixer for food 

Gear Motor

Vertical Gear Motor

Single phase 5HP gear motor for electric driving Mini shaft 3HP gear motor for printing machines Electric 2HP gear motor for packing machine Vertical 1HP Gear Motor for textile machinery 3 phases 400W Gear Motor for conveying machine High Ratio Gear Motor 200W with flange BigTorque Gear Motor 100W with 230V voltage Mini Three Phase Gearmotor for Screw Jack 

Horizontal Gear Motor

Horizontal 100W gear motor with low speed Horizontal 200W gear motor with various ratios High torque electric AC 400W gear motor High torque 750W gear motor for driving Foot mounted 1500W gear motor with low speed Mechanical 2200W gear motor 3HP for industry Universal 3700W gear motor with various speed 

Screw Jack Lifting System

Machine Screw Jack System

2 sets machine screw jacks stage lifting Large Load Sluice Gate Screw Jack Lifting Electric Self-Locking Screw Jack Platform Lift 4 sets motor screw jacks for table lift motorized machine screw jacks for solar panel Mechanical gear transmission screw jack lifting system Heavy duty machine screw jacks lifting 200KN load multiple screw jacks 4 pieces for table leveling Electric machine screw jack lift with 2 sets Cast iron screw jack lift with 3-phase motor Adjustable 3pcs screw jack lift for platforms Electric screw jacks lift with bevel gearbox set Customized double lifting screw jack nut type Mini mechanical screw jack for printing equipment Elcetric Worm Screw Jack With Motor-Drive electric worm drive lift jacks system design screw lift jack for workshop table Automotive electric screw jack platform lift Big Capacity Inverted Screw Jack for Gate Lifting worm shaft screw jack lift with design nut 

Bevel Gear Screw Jack System

Multiple High Speed 3pieces Screw Jacks Lift System 4 sets motor-driven screw jacks for platform loading Cubic Bevel Gear Fast Lift Screw Jack Bevel Gear Lifting Screw Jack U Type System 

Electromagnetic Brake Clutch

Electromagnetic Brake

Machine Separate High Torque Electromagnetic Brake 

Electromagnetic Clutch

Air Cooling Adjustable Current Electromagnetic Clutch 

Electromagnetic Clutch And Brake Unit

Mechanical Electromagnetic Clutch and Brake Uint 

Motorized Linear Actuator Lift

Automatical motorized linear actuator lift Electric Liner actuator lift with motor 

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