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NOSEN worm gear ball screw jack for lifting


NOSEN Ball Screw Jack RNK series

RNK-Series Screw Jack, named ball screw jack, high accuracy ball screw, braking mechanism necessary, the best phosphor bronze worm gear, taper roll bearing, load capacity from 0.1 to 6 ton as our standard. It is of high speed, high accuracy, high efficiency, high frequently, low load and long life features. 6 kinds of models for your selection.

Three Parameters for us to select the right model :

1.(Load) Max. working load __?___ kgs/each (include safety factors.)

2.(Speed) Max.lifting speed ___?__ mm/min (if electric motor drive) 3.(Stroke) Stroke __?___mm (stroke= traveling length of lead screw)

If linkage,and linkage is two, the use factor is 0.95, when the linkage is three, the use coefficient is 0.9, and when the linkage is four, the use factor is 0.85, even For 5-8 units, the coefficient of use is 0.8. Then the model of the lift can be provisionally taken into consideration. The model can be selected temporarily after fully considering the download weight, stroke, speed, and efficiency.

First, check the stroke, the selected stroke in the use of the trip, leaving a margin, while taking full account of the output screw is not dust-proof bellows, screw shaft movement inertia, a variety of top output components and so on.

Secondly, check the stability of the lead screw. When the lead screw bears the axial compression load, please perform a stability test. For details, please refer to the stability test. If the critical load value is exceeded, need to choose another model. Recalculate.

Other items that need to be checked are: 1. When the selected type is the active nut type, verify the rotation speed of the screw shaft. 2. When there is lateral load, be sure to add the guide. 3. When the elevator drives are configured in series, that is, two or more elevators are arranged on the same axis, the strength of the elevator input shafts needs to be checked.

Finally, the top of the output and additional components should be confirmed, according to the use of conditions and the number of dust to select the dust pan, and then according to the output of the top of the connection to select the various output parts and counters and so on.

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